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Client Job Information

Post by Handler 01 on Sun Jan 22, 2017 12:19 pm

"Here, guide our hands toward your enemies."
To place a job order send a message to Handler 01, who will sift through the pile of jobs, for those worth our time.

Payment per Agent: 250,000,000 isk (cumulative per agent, does not add to monthly payments, only to the initial).
Initial payments must be paid to the indicated character, once confirmation of the payment has been made our agent(s) will begin their work.

Infiltration -Our agent(s) enter the target's corp/alliance to supply you with information
Duration: Varied
Payment: 250,000,000 isk
Payment Period: 1 Month

Revenge -Our agent(s) hunt down the target then deliver swift vengeance, along with a nice freeze dried corpse for you.
Duration: Varied
Payment: Target Dependent

Theft -Our agent(s) enter the target's corp/alliance until they can take everything not nailed down.
Duration: Long
Payment: 1,000,000,000 per agent*

*The reason for increased pay as the agents take their time, gaining trust, working angles, and being generally two-faced. And this is a long term job, so increased pay is incentive.

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